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March 2006, Friday
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Workshop: The Pathless Path of Surrender to the True Divine Self
Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: RVML Event Center - 258 A Street, Ashland
Karen Anderson and Barry Martin Snyder Workshop: The Pathless Path of Surrender to the True Divine Self
With Karen Anderson and Barry Martin Snyder

$20 - $30 suggested exchange. Please bring a blanket and pillow.

Workshop Description:

Seeker of truth
Follow no path.
All paths lead where
Truth is here

-e.e. cummings

All spiritual paths ultimately lead to the One Path home, complete surrender... where we find ourselves falling with total abandon into the arms of God.

As the false "I" dissolves, the true, eternal Self shines forth. Enlightenment is the dissolution of the illusion of the separate "i" sense. God-realization is the direct experience that one's true nature is a holographic fractal aspect of God. A Christed being is one in whom the separate I-sense is gone, and all that is left is God.

This is the next stage in human evolution.

Karen Anderson and Barry Martin Snyder are blessed to offer the synthesis of two gifts of grace. One transmission activates the divine flame within the soul lotus, or spiritual heart center, catalyzing remembrance of the true divine Self. The other, often called diksha, transforms the structure and function of the brain, restoring the mind to its natural state of Oneness consciousness.

Together, these gifts of grace result in the flowering of the fully divine human -- the emerging collective Christ.

Introductory Evening: Brief talk on the Pathless Path and question time followed by direct experience of the transmissions to awaken the mind and heart of Oneness, the Christ frequencies.

Info: (530) 398-4605 e-mail: soulspace@cot.net


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