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March 2008, Saturday
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Lecture: The Yogic/Sattvic Diet with Noah Volz
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: RVML Event Center - 258 A St, Ashland
Noah Volz- click for more information Lecture: The Yogic/Sattvic Diet
With Noah Volz

Suggested donation $5.00 - $15.00, everyone welcome.

Presentation Description:

The quality or state of our awareness is the real index of the quality of our lives. All life is composed of three basic qualities: 1 darkness and ignorance (tamas) 2 turbulance and illusion (rajas) 3 peace and truth (sattva). Ayurveda explains the effects of foods, medicines, and other factors according to these factors. By understanding which foods and medicines are sattvic we can promote that quality in our consciousness. This will improve the way food helps us to live our lives true to our own unique truth.

Ayurvedic- Yogic medicine considers the higher energetic pattern of health and disease. It looks at Nature's movement towards the development of consciousness. Ayurveda recognizes the intelligence inherent in nature and using the substances of nature in a qualitative and conscious manner.

This requires connecting with the force of nature on an inner level. Yogic medicine does not seek expansion on the level of the outer qualities. The inner levels of treatment are more important than the outer.

They are more universal and less complex but require a more active role and participation on the part of the patient. How complex our knowledge or treatment is on a biochemical or naturalistic basis is irrelevant if we do not connect the patient with their own life-energy and the spiritual intelligence behind it. This requires simplicity and a return of responsibility to the patient. Such simplicity is not a lack of insight but of going to the core.

Presenter's Biography:

Noah Volz is an Educator and Clinical practioner of Ayurveda at Inward Bound Wellness Center in Ashland.

More information: everydayayurveda@gmail.com

Website: http://www.inwardboundwellness.com


RENT RVML's LECTURE HALL: The 1,000 Sq.ft. presentation area is air-conditioned and wheelchair accessible with full audio-visual capabilities available. Eighty folding chairs can be arranged in different configurations for meetings, lectures, and gatherings. -$15.00/Hr. More info: http://www.rvml.org/contact.shtml

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