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December 2007, Tuesday
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Lecture: Kinship with Animals-The Slide Show by Ann Southcombe
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: RVML Event Center - 258 A St, Ashland
Ann Southcombe- Click for more information Lecture: Kinship with Animals-The Slide Show
By Ann Southcombe

$5.00 - 20.00 Suggested donation, everyone welcome

Presentation Description:

Ann Southcombe's slide show presentation mirrors her upcoming book, "From Gorillas to Squirrels-One Woman's 30 Year Journey in Kinship With Animals". Each Journey in the show is a place she has worked. There are Seven journeys. The show has many levels. It is a show with cute animal stories (which appeals to kids of any age :-) It shows, in a subtle way, that we are all connected, and that we need to treat animals better.

The slide show is designed to amaze and show new insights about our relationship with non-human animals, and encourages us to make major changes in our lives. The show demonstrates the implicit spirituality of being accepted as a trusted friend by so many animals - truly a gift from some higher power!

Presenter's Biography:

In 1970, Ann was the second woman to be hired as full time keeper at the Cincinnati Zoo. In 1978, Ann began working with "now-famous gorillas" Koko and Michael in a language studies program at Stanford University. She spent seven years working with an orangutan at the University of Tennessee. She then went to South America for encounters with jungle animals and the unusual Amazonian Pink river Dolphin. She worked as a caretaker at animal rescue ranches in California. Ann created enrichment activities for animals at the Lowry Park Zoo in Florida. She helped native wildlife at Wildlife Images (a rehabilitation center in Oregon.) Ann's animal friends have included elephants, bears, bobcats, lynx, parrots, crows, great apes and the not-so-lowly pro-simian bushbaby.

Website: http://www.kinshipwithanimals.com/Welcome.html


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