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December 2007, Wednesday
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Lecture: Neurons for Nirvana- How the body's development supports higher states of consciousness
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: RVML Event Center - 258 A St, Ashland
Soleil Lithman Lecture: Neurons for Nirvana- How the body's development supports higher states of consciousness
By Soleil Lithman

Admission: $5.00-10.00 for Adults. All Teenagers Free.

Presentation Description:

This colorful power point presentation provides an easy to understand synthesis of recent biological discoveries. Information from brain scientists Candice Pert and Paul MacLean, cellular researchers Bruce Lipton and Mae Wan Ho, Heartmath Institute, and social psychologist Joesph Chilton Pearce are brought together to form a new gestalt about who we are are with implications of our present and future physical-spiritual evolution. References to a human soul and chakras are made but there are no religious overtones to this presentation.

Highlights include-

The amazing teenage pre-frontal lobes, the heart as the 5th part of the brain, photos of the quantum crystaline structure of living organisms, the perception of light in the body, and brief introduction on Soleil's process called Layers of the Heart.

This presentation has delighted audiences in India, Germany and California. It is time for it to come home to Ashland.

Presenter's Biography:

Soleil Lithman, MA Transpersonal Counseling Psychology. International workshop leader, researcher, author and founder of The Hladina Method, Soleil originally designed this power point presentation for training Hladina Method Facilitators. She has found this information is particularly encouraging and helpful for teenagers, their parents, teachers and counselors. It is highly recommended for anyone interested in the connection between body and spirit.

More information: (541) 482-7223 e-mail: hladinasoleil@earthlink.net


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