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December 2007, Thursday
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RE-Generation Discussion Series
Time: 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Location: RVML Event Center - 258 A St, Ashland
Dominic Allamano RE-Generation Discussion Series: Idea Forum for the Next Generation
Alternative dialogue for people 18-32 - EVERY THURSDAY 7:30-9:30pm

30 - 60-minute video or lecture presentation followed by interactive discussion.


Location: RVML 258 A Street


Interesting people, fascinating information and "extra-ordinary" conversation in an open and friendly atmosphere.

In this interactive forum, participants gain an ever-broadening understanding about leading-edge, new paradigm ideas shaping the world's future. In contrast to a typical discussion forum, participants are encouraged to explore ideas from a metaphysical perspective, where no idea is too far-out!

What is our purpose for existence? Where did we come from? What are our ways of knowing? What is the triune nature of mind? What is the future?

Note: Intended for participants 18-32 years-old only.

Facilitators' Biography:

Dominic Allamano is a passionate and potent voice of the emerging visionary generation, inspiring others to shine their light brightly by boldly and humbly shining his. Since his late teens, when he began to see clearly following life altering physical trauma, he has focused his energies in two interrelated realms. The first is the realms of experiential education and explorations of the embodiment of consciousness, while the second is in a deep exploration of the sociological and systemic elements of the dominant world culture. The merging of these two realms has allowed him to perceive many of the key patterns and dynamics that define today's world and hold the promise for tomorrow's.

He feels called to be as a midwife to the emerging culture, assisting both in its birth and development as well as in the navigation of the unforeseen consequences of humanity's past choices, which are defining the context for that emergence. Through extensive travels and speaking around the Pacific Northwest he has aligned with an inspired network of allies with whom he is crafting new paradigm networks and tools like the WorldCrafter's Network (http://www.worldcrafters.org) and CultureSeed (http://www.cultureseed.org) to support the emergence of this new culture.


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